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Crane Watch

Crane Watch keeps you in the know on large development projects in the South Boston neighborhood. From residential, commercial, hotels, to large mixed use projects. Never miss a development project with Crane Watcher.

O'Connor Way Elderly Housing

South Boston NDC and Caritas proposes a 47 unit, affordable elderly housing project with 7 parking spots…
Status: Board Approved
Address: O'Connor Way Elderly Housing
Land Size: 15,174 sq ft
Building Size: 49,000 sq ft
Units: 47

Gate of Heaven Residential Development

Proposal calls for the reuse of the existing Gate of Heaven gymnasium building for the provision of…
Status: Construction Complete
Address: Gate of Heaven Residential Development
Land Size: 11,526 sq ft
Building Size: 30,797 sq ft
Units: 24

63 Melcher Street - 4th NPC and 2nd PDA Amendment

On September 21, 2017, the Proponent filed a fourth Notice of Project Change (the “Fourth NPC”) and…
Status: Under Review
Address: 63 Melcher Street - 4th NPC and 2nd PDA Amendment
Land Size: 29,319 sq ft
Building Size: 181,736 sq ft

170 West Broadway

Proposed project includes 33 condominiums, 39 parking spaces and 4,283 SF of groundfloor retail/restaurant…
Status: Under Construction
Address: 170 West Broadway
Land Size: 17,176 sq ft
Building Size: 46,194 sq ft
Units: 33

105 West First Street

105 West First Street Owner, LLC (the Proponent), an affiliate of Ares Management LLC with CV Properties,…
Status: Under Review
Address: 105 West First Street
Land Size: 42,219 sq ft
Building Size: 266,000 sq ft

Pier 4 Phase 3

Approximately 106 residential ownership units.
Status: Board Approved
Address: Pier 4 Phase 3
Land Size: 0 sq ft
Building Size: 375,000 sq ft
Units: 106

120 West 4th Street

The proposed project will consist of the demolition of the existing building and construction of a new…
Status: Board Approved
Address: 120 West 4th Street
Land Size: 8,330 sq ft
Building Size: 36,856 sq ft
Units: 9

206 West Broadway

The proposed project consists of the construction of a 13,000 square foot mixed-use building with approx.…
Status: Board Approved
Address: 206 West Broadway
Land Size: 3,990 sq ft
Building Size: 13,000 sq ft
Units: 16

815 East Fifth Street

The project consists of a 10-unit and a 9-unit new construction building above underground parking with…
Status: Board Approved
Address: 815 East Fifth Street
Land Size: 33,650 sq ft
Building Size: 17,500 sq ft
Units: 23

621 East First Street

Proposal calls for a four-story residential building with twenty-eight (28) units including four (4)…
Status: Under Construction
Address: 621 East First Street
Land Size: 19,421 sq ft
Building Size: 43,870 sq ft
Units: 28

Eleven West Broadway

This project consist 50 residential rental units and 8,000sf of ground floor retail.
Status: Construction Complete
Address: Eleven West Broadway
Land Size: 13,170 sq ft
Building Size: 94,644 sq ft
Units: 50

Patriot Homes

Proposal calls for 24 new units of affordable housing for veterans and includes the adaptive reuse of…
Status: Under Construction
Address: Patriot Homes
Land Size: 17,047 sq ft
Building Size: 21,258 sq ft
Units: 24

Stavis Seafood

Status: Under Review
Address: Stavis Seafood
Land Size: 313,632 sq ft
Building Size: 201,000 sq ft
Units: 0

Seaport Square Block M

125,000 retail balance residential
Status: Board Approved
Address: Seaport Square Block M
Land Size: 148,217 sq ft
Building Size: 1,012,000 sq ft
Units: 735

55 West Fifth Street

The proposed project consists of the demolition of the existing structure on-site and the construction…
Status: Board Approved
Address: 55 West Fifth Street
Land Size: 10,000 sq ft
Building Size: 34,700 sq ft
Units: 32

South Boston Condo Project Tracker

Condo tracker uses private and public data sources to give you the most accurate numbers possible on South Boston condo projects. Be the first to know about pre-construction real estate projects. Armed with the condo tracker intel you can make informed buying decisions.

  • Total Condos: 801
  • Approved Condos: 286
  • Under Construction: 508
  • Construction Complete: 0
Port 45

Port 45 at 45 West Third St. in South Boston is currently under construction. This luxury condo development will include 105 units, 109 garage parking spaces, 2 courtyards for residents, 24/7 security as well as secure bike storage.
Development Type: Residential Ownership
Number of Units: 105
Building Use: Mixed Use
Year Built: 2017

135 Athens St

135 Athens St is new construction, 15 dwelling unit condominium; 2 affordable units, 3-4 stories, 20-car enclosed parking garage at grade level.
Development Type: Residential
Number of Units: 15
Building Use: Ownership
Year Built: 2017

170 West Broadway

170 W Broadway project includes 33 condominiums, 39 parking spaces and 4,283 SF of groundfloor retail/restaurant space.
Development Type: Residential Ownership
Number of Units: 33
Building Use: Mixed Use
Year Built: 2017

150 W Broadway

150 W Broadway includes 24 condominiums including 3 affordable units, a commercial retail space and 32 garage parking spaces
Development Type: Residential Ownership
Number of Units: 24
Building Use: Mixed Use
Year Built: 2017

30 B St

30 B St includes the demolition of three existing structures and the construction of a new 5-story building containing 32 condominium units and 28 parking spaces.
Development Type: Ownership
Number of Units: 32
Building Use: Residential
Year Built: 2017

45 L St

45 L St - 30 condominium units including 4 affordable units, a commercial retail space and 32 parking spaces.
Development Type: Residential Ownership
Number of Units: 30
Building Use: Mixed Use
Year Built: 2017

57 L St

57 L St features 13 units spread over 4 stories including 1 studio, 10 two-bedrooms and 2 three-bedrooms. 2 units will be designated affordable. 21 off-street parking spaces will be contained within a ground-level garage.
Development Type: Residential Ownership
Number of Units: 13
Building Use: Ownership
Year Built: 2017

728 E Broadway

728 E Broadway is a 4-story structure made up of 18 condominium units, 6400 SF ground level commercial space with parking for 34 vehicles.
Development Type: Residential Ownership
Number of Units: 18
Building Use: Mixed Use
Year Built: 2017

14 W Broadway

14 W Broadway is an 11 story mixed use building made up of 47 residential units plus supporting residential uses including a gymnasium, pool, and media room, approximately 6,315 gsf of ground floor restaurant space, and 4,836 gsf of second floor commercial space including office and retail space, all served by 70 accessory garage parking spaces.
Development Type: Ownership
Number of Units: 47
Building Use: Office / Ownership / Residential / Retail
Year Built: 2017

33-39 Ward St

33-39 Ward St - 16 two and three bedroom condominium units, 5 stories high, 17-car enclosed parking garage at grade level
Development Type: Residential
Number of Units: 16
Building Use: Ownership
Year Built: 2017

The Latest News

Dot Block

This absolutely massive Dot Block development will be comprised of several buildings (more than 10, totaling nearly 400,000 square feet) and will include 362 apartments, plus retail. That retail could likely include a grocery store.

by Chloe

Vegans rejoice! by CHLOE, The New York City-based restaurant is making its way to 101 Seaport Blvd. The plant based menu features locally-sourced ingredients producing items such as burgers, salads, ice cream, pastries, and much more...

Marine Wharf Hotel

This 15-story Marine Wharf Hotel will actually be two inns in one: a 245-room Hampton Inn and a 166-room Homewood Suites (411 rooms total). The complex will include 19,300 square feet of amenities, including a fitness center, an indoor pool, and a 500-seat restaurant. There will also be 3,500 square feet of ground-floor retail.


Neighborhood brewery Trillium in Fort Point will be moving into a larger space, roughly 15,000 SqFt, and will include a full-scale restaurant as well as outdoor patio seating. It will also include a full-pour taproom.

Reebok HQ Heads to Drydock Ave

Reebok HQ Heads to Drydock Ave. The new Reebok headquarters will have about 700 employees spread over 220,000 SqFt of space. Amenities include a 30,000 SqFt fitness center with a CrossFit box and boxing, a one mile running track around the building open to the public, a farm-to-table cafe, and a Reebok retail store.

The Social Register

The Social Register restaurant will open at 401-403 D St in the Aloft hotel. Seating for ~200 spread over two bar areas, main dining room, and patio.


Coming to 11 Dorchester St is Publico Street Bistro on the ground level of the Allure luxury building. Publico will have capacity for 150 guests total, in a main dining room, bar, and an atrium, which also has its own bar and seating area. The menu will aim for moderately priced Euro and Latin American comfort food.

Caffè Nero

The European style coffee house brand with its headquarters in London is adding another Boston location. Caffè Nero is heading to 416 W Broadway.

La Casa de Pedro

La Casa de Pedro, the latin inspired restaurant opened at 505 Congress St(Waterside Place). Serves tapas, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch with live music.


GE's move from CT will be to a new campus on a ~2.5-acre parcel facing the Fort Point Channel. The $200,000,000 headquarters will consist of a three-building complex. It is due to include what GE has dubbed "maker space" for employees, tech startups, students (both university and high school), and locals; a community work lounge; space for conclaves and presentations, never mind ample laboratories; and an employee cafeteria.

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